Thursday, October 08, 2015
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GC3 SPECIALTY CHEMICALS, INC. is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the electric utility, petroleum  processing and chemical industries.

• Water treatment products
• Flue gas desulferization chemistries
• Petroleum process additives
• Fugitive dust suppression technologies 

COMMITTED to relationship building as the platform to  technology transfer and continuous improvement.  We are EXPERIENCED professionals who understand your business and provide turnkey solutions. Complete chemical programs, analytical services and technical support – working with partners SOLVING problems world wide. Integrating our professional and technical personnel into your plant operations team leads to customized solutions. Better outcomes. BETTER BOTTOM LINES.

GC3 is the leader in specialty chemical technology. Simply the best water treatment company in the world.


Long-term success in any venture—business, personal, political—requires the ability to enter and sustain relationships. That’s why at GC³ we’re committed to building our company by building relationships. We are committed to the values that will foster relationships. And we are dedicated to living those values in every aspect of our business.  

We begin with trust, the quality at the center of any enduring relationship. You may expect from us an honest assessment of any situation and the truth as we know it. 

We strive for excellence, applying the combined knowledge and experience of all our resources to deliver the best possible outcome.  

We believe in performance, completing a project, delivering a product, keeping a commitment. 

We seek like-minded allies as we develop our business because we choose to honor our principles every day, under all conditions in every relationship.



World-class products…a cost effective price:  Taking relationships to the bottom line.