GC³ Specialty Chemicals, Inc., founded in 1995, 

is a full-service specialty chemical company with

treatment programs in place in over 100 operating units.


We are manufacturer representatives for a wide range of material handling, analytical control and monitoring equipment.


GC³ provides products and services for cooling water, boiler water/steam cycle chemistry, pre-treatment, waste treatment, off-line/on-line equipment internal cleaning, scrubber chemistries, permit analytical requirements and fugitive dust suppression.


GC³ offers a complete line of specialty, semi-commodity, and commodity chemical products. Our customers include major utilities, refineries, and oil and gas production facilities.

GC³ offers complete consulting, training and analytical services including water, microbiological, resin, metallurgical, deposit and corrosion analyses. We provide customized reports to meet individual needs.
Our headquarters are located in Houston, TX, and our customer base extends throughout the US and into a number of foreign countries.
GC³ is a minority and woman owned small business.



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