Boiler Products


GC³'s range of boiler water products are designed for efficient, cost-effective and reliable operation of industrial boiler systems.



The three most common problems associated with boiler water are:

Boiler Water Corrosion: Dissolved oxygen, high temperatures, and low pH can cause a corrosive environment for boiler internal surfaces. 


Scale formation: Many scale-forming compounds exhibit retrograde solubility, meaning that they are less soluble at increased temperatures. Without treatment and proper control they will tend to deposit on boiler heat-transfer surfaces, leading to a loss of efficiency and increased tube failures due to higher heat flux.


Condensate corrosion: When not properly treated, steam condensate can be corrosive due to the formation of carbonic acid from carbon dioxide and available oxygen.



These problems are handled by a combination of mechanical and chemical means. Oxygen levels in the feedwater are reduced through the use of mechanical deareators as well as chemical oxygen scavengers. Scale formation is controlled by reducing the impurities in the boiler feedwater through pre-treatment programs (demineralizers, reverse osmosis), blowdown cycle control, as well as scale inhibitors and dispersants. Condensate corrosivity is controlled by maintaining proper feedwater chemistry parameters, and the use of vapor phase amine treatment chemicals.


Selection of the best internal treatment program is a function of many factors. Our technical experts can help guide you to the best internal program for your boiler.

Our arsenal of products includes:


Ion exchange resins and cleaners.


Reverse osmosis membrane antiscalants, cleaners, and biological control


Oxygen scavengers (hydrazine, sulfite, carbohydrazide, hydroquinone, etc.)




Neutralizing and Filming Amine blends


Phosphates (including ultra-pure reagent grade TSP)


Polymer treatments